We built this for you


Heatwise is dedicated to making people feel good.  By supporting our team members and guests, we aim to deliver the highest quality service in the most comfortable setting imaginable.  Our promise is happiness, health, and the shedding of stress through our elevated hot yoga experience. 

We kindly ask that you not stress over the following:

  • Your Seat is Saved: Reserve your exact mat ahead of time. Don't worry about rushing to class to grab your favorite spot in the room, or to save a place for your friend (who is always late).

  • No Cash, No Problem: We are cashless. More importantly, don't take out your wallet unless you're actually buying something, like leggings or a kombucha, because we don't want your $2 for a towel that barely covers your mat. We've got you covered. Mats and towels are complimentary.

  • Room to Breathe: Our classes are capped to guarantee a minimum radius of 12 inches around your mat, so you can take up space without finding a sweaty foot in your mouth during half moon.

Let us take care of you.  Sweat the big stuff.