6:00 PM18:00

Sound Bath & Restorative Yoga Workshop

Join us for a meditative experience of sound healing and restorative yoga. Bree French will lead a sound bath using various tools, such as crystal bowls, to quiet the mind and put you into a state of deep rest. The sound bath is accompanied by a few gentle restorative yoga postures, in which you’ll be completely supported by props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.) and held for long periods of time (5-15 min.) to promote relaxation.

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1:30 PM13:30

The Wall

Explore poses using a prop that everyone has at home. Join Allegra, a functional movement specialist, as she leads you through a playful afternoon of yoga using the wall as your prop. She will demonstrate how making use of the wall can improve your strength, help you discover your body's proper alignment, and move you deeper into poses to build confidence in your daily practice. If you think you're nailing half moon, think again.

Note: this workshop will not be heated.

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7:00 PM19:00

Mother's Day Indulgence

Treat Mama to an indulgent, 3-part workshop that will allow her to cleanse, restore, relax, and sleep like she's never slept before. 

Holly will lead a 30-minute flow to get the bod moving, sweating and breathing in all the right ways. In the next half hour, Mamas will lie in the lap of restorative yoga luxury, using pillows, blankets and eye masks to settle into poses designed to release tension and reset the body and mind. From there, top it all off with 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra, a meditation practice experienced in savasana, in which we enter the space between consciousness and sleep. This "yoga sleep" aids in deep relaxation of the entire body, helps with insomnia, promotes focus, creativity, visualization, and pain relief. 

This workshop was created for all of the exhausted, hard-working and well-deserving Mamas out there ... but is open to anybody who wants to indulge in the goodness. 

Note: this workshop is transferable. If you'd like to surprise someone with this as a gift, you can enroll yourself and transfer to the recipient later on.

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1:30 PM13:30


Learn to fly! Explore the world from upside down in this two-hour workshop with Kirra. You will learn exercises, tools & modifications to bring you into proper alignment and build confidence for your inversions practice. Open to all levels, come prepared to develop and hone the key foundational elements for headstand, forearm stand and handstand. This workshop will be unheated.

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1:30 PM13:30

Yoga for Runners

Training for an endurance event? Join Amanda Kerpius, a 9-time marathon runner, yoga teacher and sports massage therapist in this 90-minute workshop where she will lead you through a power flow sequence designed to mirror the biomechanics of running.

You will:
-Learn appropriate yoga postures and alignment for runners
-Prevent injury and learn what may have caused your current/past injuries
-Perform stronger at your next endurance event by enhancing your stability and mobility for running
-Learn proper self soft tissue release for runners from a NYS licensed massage therapist

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1:30 PM13:30

Back to Basics: Alignment Workshop

Practicing yoga for a while but not so sure about certain poses? Join us for this two-hour workshop with Allegra where we will break down the seemingly basic shapes of Vinyasa yoga and polish our alignment. This is an opportunity to practice in an intimate setting led by a master badass babe who can address all of your questions about chaturanga, the warriors, and the like. Please note this workshop will not be heated.

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2:30 PM14:30

Inversions & Arm Balances

Join us for a two-hour, all-levels workshop with Keela where we will break down the fundamentals of basic inversions and arm balances. We will start by flowing through specific postures to warm up and activate the core muscles. Each posture will then be broken down in detail, looking at the proper alignment, foundation, and techniques for headstand variations, crow pose, side crow variations, and more.

This smaller group workshop will provide a greater opportunity for questions and answers and hands-on adjustments. No upside down experience is necessary. This is where you come to learn.

*Please note this workshop will not be heated.

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2:15 PM14:15

Recovery Workshop

Liz will help you to work on recovering tight, tired and overused muscles so they can function better. This 90-minute session will encompass trigger point therapy, 360-degree movements and mobilization to help give our bodies the strength and care they need to keep us powering through our busy New York lives.

We will start with the feet and work our way up - releasing, strengthening and stretching - followed by a short flow and a sweet rest. 

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