the perfect way to
move your body

Some like it hot

Open-level, hot vinyasa yoga set to music. Each class is based on the creative expression of the teacher, so no two classes are exactly the same. Room heated to 98 degrees.

SOME LIKE IT HOT + Candlelit

Your favorite flow plus some extra cozy vibes with candlelight for ambience. Focus on breath and balance. Room heated to 98 degrees.

extra crispy

Some Like it Hot, but more challenging. Expect an emphasis on strength-building, advanced postures, faster pace, longer holds—or all of the above. A solid understanding of the basics is suggested. Room heated to 98 degrees.


Your favorite hot vinyasa yoga set to a themed playlist. A solid understanding of the basics is suggested. Room heated to 98 degrees.

sizzle & fizzle

The perfect balance of a challenging, sweaty flow followed by a restorative, meditative practice. This class is designed to get you fired up (~45 min) in order to prepare for a long, luxurious release of stress, toxins and tension (~15 min). Room heated to 98 degrees.

star power

A monthly class according to the astrological sun sign. This unique series is about harnessing celestial energy to bring the body into alignment with the sun, moon, and stars, and to bring awareness and understanding to the power of the zodiac. The signs are associated with our emotions, our psychological patterns, and our physical bodies. The class sequence, music, and overall experience will correspond to these themes. Room heated to 98 degrees.

freshly baked

These teachers are fresh out of the oven and still getting into their groove, so enjoy all the benefits of a heated class at a discounted rate. Class proceeds will be donated to teacher’s non-profit of choice. Room heated to 98 degrees.

restorative yoga

Restore the nervous system with a luxurious, 60-minute class that enables your body to heal, rest, and recharge. You will be supported with props to enhance your experience, support longer holding of poses, and achieve a state of relaxation and release. No experience necessary. Unheated room.


Slower paced and longer holds, aka sneaky challenging. Give your body space to open and enable yourself to go deeper into poses that target connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, joints). Expect results like increased circulation and improved flexibility, and more time spent in poses means you will learn how to be in stillness and cultivate control over your thoughts. Room heated to 85 degrees.

Heatwise is dedicated to making people feel good. Sweat the big stuff


Our classes are vinyasa style, music-driven, heavy on the breathing, and oh-so sweaty. The class is based on the creative expression of the teacher, so no two classes are exactly the same. Peep the class menu to read up on what we’re serving.


BYO mat, towel & water bottle. All items are available for purchase at the front desk and mats and towels can be rented. Mat rental must be covered by a mat towel.


Moisture-wicking clothing or anything you feel comfortable getting super sweaty in.


Reserve your mat ahead of time so you don't have to worry about rushing to grab your favorite spot in the room or to save a place for your friend. Check yourself in for class through the app (download it!). Arrive 10 minutes before the start of class so we can show you around and help you get settled.


Classes are capped to guarantee extra generous space around each mat, so you never have to stress being too close to your neighbor.

We’ll intro you to the teacher and you’ll have an opportunity to discuss any injuries or anything you’re dealing with in the bod. Generally speaking, do what feels right for your body.

Bathrooms are stocked with premium products to freshen up before you venture out.

We’re a no cough-or-sneeze-or-sniffle zone. We reserve the right to turn away anyone displaying these symptoms.

we built this for you

Heatwise was born from an obsession with creating the ideal hot yoga experience.

Throughout my adult life, the only healthy escape that ever actually allowed me to slow down, breathe easy, and feel good was hot yoga.

I’ve worked hard to create a space and an experience that offers comfort, premium quality, and hopefully some levity to our otherwise stressful urban lives.

Leave it all at home, come play with our amazing teachers, indulge in the shvitz and let us know if we didn’t make you smile at least once. Sweat the big stuff.

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