What we're serving


Some Like it Hot

Open-level, hot vinyasa yoga set to music. Come prepared to give your brain a break and sweat away your stress. Room heated between 85-95 degrees.

Medium Rare

A gentler version of our Some Like it Hot series and perfect for anybody still warming up to hot yoga. Open-level vinyasa yoga set to music. Room warmed to 75-85 degrees by residual heat - the infrared heat will not be turned on.

Extra Crispy


An advanced version of our Some Like it Hot class. You should already have a solid understanding of the basics. Room heated between 85-95 degrees.



Open-level, hot vinyasa yoga set to music with a focus on core work. Room heated between 85-95 degrees.

Freshly Baked (discounted class)

We love discovering and cultivating new talent. These certified instructors are still getting into their groove, so enjoy all of the benefits of a heated vinyasa flow at a discounted rate ($17). Room heated between 85-95 degrees.

Hot Pilates

A mat-based Pilates class set to music, enhanced by the glorious infrared heat + added humidity. Room heated to 85-95 degrees.


Restorative Delicious


Come prepared for some deep deep relaxation. Luxuriate with us as we use props to set you up in restorative poses that allow you to release tension and reset the bod. This class will not be heated.


Our signature Some Like it Hot class set to a themed playlist. Room heated between 85-95 degrees. Class-specific playlist can be found @heatwiseyoga


Yoga for Athletes


Developed by an athlete for athletes, this class is designed to improve performance and help prevent injuries. With a focus on intelligent, functional strength and mobility that mirrors the biomechanics of endurance sports, we add external weights to simple yoga postures and sequences to help beginner and experienced athletes maintain and increase joint and muscle loading. Classes also include soft-tissue release techniques, breathing exercises and meditation to help athletes down-regulate the nervous system for maximum recovery.

Taught by a NYS-licensed massage therapist and 500+ hour-trained therapeutic yoga teacher. This class will not be heated.

Prenatal (unheated)

This prenatal yoga class is unheated, movement-based and oh-so-delicious feeling. Move into shapes and learn to breathe in ways that feel good for both you and baby. Located at The Yinova Center at 147 Remsen St.


The 101 Class


Learn the foundations of vinyasa yoga so you can walk out feeling like a boss. Great for beginners or anyone looking to refresh their practice. Room heated between 85-95 degrees.

Star Power


A monthly class according to the astrological sun sign. This unique series is about harnessing celestial energy to bring the body into alignment with the sun, moon and stars, and to bring awareness and understanding to the power of the zodiac. The signs are associated with our emotions, our psychological patterns and our physical bodies. The class sequence, music and overall experience will correspond to these themes. Room heated between 85-95 degrees.

Slow Cooked


This class combines an active flow with long held restorative postures that enable a deeper dialogue with the self. Expect the support of props and hands-on adjustments to help ease the body back into alignment - juicy and luxurious. This class will not be heated but your body will be toasty warm.

Reiki & Restorative


Make time for self care with a little reiki, a little restorative yoga. Reiki is a form of energy healing in which the practitioner will place hands on the body to promote stress reduction and relaxation. This pairs perfectly with restorative yoga - a series of poses in which the bod is completely supported by props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.) and held for 5-15 minutes to promote relaxation. Prepare to sleep like a baby after this class.

Sizzle + Sculpt (Express)


Specifically designed to enhance your traditional yoga practice, build lean muscle and boost your heart rate, Sizzle + Sculpt combines heated vinyasa yoga sequencing with basic strength training for a sweat-inducing, muscle-quaking, 45-minute workout taught to your favorite upbeat tunes. Designed with efficiency in mind, free weights are incorporated to elevate intensity and further sculpt and tone the body.