The Heatwise Mentorship Program

This program is perfect for anyone who has completed a 200-hour teacher training and wants to teach classes at Heatwise. You will be assigned a mentor from one of our Senior Instructors who will work closely with you over the course of three months to refine your teaching skills. Your mentor will guide you through an in-depth study of sequencing, anatomy, public speaking, and adjustments. You will be challenged to fine-tune your voice and develop the confidence needed to lead classes that are creative, intelligent and inspiring.


  • Meet
    You will meet with your mentor on a weekly basis to discuss and revisit objectives and progress. This will be a forum for creative brainstorming and goal-setting, and an opportunity to address questions, concerns, etc.

  • Study
    Your mentor will assign you reading and writing projects based on your personal objectives.

  • Practice
    You will be required to practice at Heatwise twice per week in classes taught by your mentor, or in a class recommended by your mentor. A membership to Heatwise for the duration of the mentorship is included in the cost of the program.

  • Participate
    You will participate in all regularly scheduled in-house Continuing Education Workshops alongside current Heatwise staff and fellow mentees.

  • Observe / Assist
    You will observe your mentor’s classes and, if your mentor deems it appropriate, you may begin to offer assists within the class.

  • Teach
    You will teach at least two classes and your mentor will observe and provide feedback.


  • $1800
  • inclusive of unlimited classes for the duration of the program
  • 20% discount on merch & workshops


  • Completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training (or equivalent)
  • Consistent yoga practice
  • Currently practice at Heatwise or known to the Heatwise teaching team


  • The program can start at any time based on the availability of a Heatwise mentor


  • $500 non-refundable deposit is required within 72 hours of acceptance into the program. Remaining balance due no later than two weeks prior to the start of your mentorship
  • Acceptance into the program is subject to Heatwise’s admissions process
  • Requests for specific mentors will be considered but cannot be guaranteed
  • Completion of the program in no way guarantees employment at Heatwise

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