2:15 PM14:15

Recovery Workshop

Liz will help you to work on recovering tight, tired and overused muscles so they can function better. This 90-minute session will encompass trigger point therapy, 360-degree movements and mobilization to help give our bodies the strength and care they need to keep us powering through our busy New York lives.

We will start with the feet and work our way up - releasing, strengthening and stretching - followed by a short flow and a sweet rest. 

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2:30 PM14:30

Inversions & Arm Balances

Join us for a two-hour, all-levels workshop with Keela where we will break down the fundamentals of basic inversions and arm balances. We will start by flowing through specific postures to warm up and activate the core muscles. Each posture will then be broken down in detail, looking at the proper alignment, foundation, and techniques for headstand variations, crow pose, side crow variations, and more.

This smaller group workshop will provide a greater opportunity for questions and answers and hands-on adjustments. No upside down experience is necessary. This is where you come to learn.

*Please note this workshop will not be heated.

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